Nail Fungal Treatment

Nail Fungal is a very common infection and can be a result many factors such as diabetes, psoriasis or peripheral arterial disease, damaged nails, weak immune system, walking barefoot in places like a communal shower/gym, wearing shoes that cause feet to get hot and sweaty, and also caused by not keeping feet clean and dry.

At Westend Laser Clinic we treat Nail Fungus (also known as Onychomycosis) using an advanced laser based approach. The treatment is a simple and effective procedure that uses the power of Nd:YAG laser light to heat evenly throughout the depth of the effected nail and skin tissue, effectively weakening and killing parasitic fungi which have infected the patient’s nails.

Prior to the adoption of laser technology for treatment, nail fungus was exceptionally difficult to remove, causing the sufferer to feel self-conscious and in some cases feel the need to hide their feet away. Using laser treatment we can now deliver excellent results, removing the infection in a short and simple procedure and delivering effective results.


Prices For This Treatment

Full Price for 4 Treatments

  • Both Feet - £595
  • One Foot - £375
  • Both Hands - £595
  • One Hand - £375
  • Both Feet and one Hand - £845
  • Both Hands and one Foot - £845
  • Both Hands and Feet £995
  • One Foot and one Hand - £595

Concession Price for OAP

  • Both Feet - £535
  • One Foot - £337
  • Both Hands - £535
  • One Hand - £337
  • Both Feet and one Hand - £760
  • Both Hands and one Foot - £760
  • Both Hands and Feet £895
  • One Foot and one Hand - £535

10% off a block booking of 2 treatments
15% off a block booking of 3 treatments

An appointment to return to the clinic 6 months after your final treatment is made to assess the results.

*Consultation for all appointments take up to 30 minutes, including full consultation and patch test. A £50 deposit will be required to book your treatment which will then be deducted from the price if treatment is booked within 4 weeks.*


A safe and effective treatment without side effects, Westend Laser Clinic uses its advanced laser treatment system to provide deep pulse profile heating of the nail bed, which works to stimulate the killing and eliminating of parasitic fungus.

This enables the natural growth and immune processes of the body to then be able to restore the nail to its original state, leaving it looking clear, clean and fungus free.

Using laser treatment means that the effects of the laser is spread evenly throughout the tissue, ensuring there are no side effects from the treatment and that results are effective.

1. The nail is first filed down if necessary. Due to the fungal infection the nail will typically become deformed in shape and over grown and can also thicken. In filing down the nail first this allows the laser to fully penetrate the affected area

2. The laser is then applied and pulses distributed in a circular motion to cover the entire nail. There will be a slight heating sensation.

3. The laser is then used to pulse around the perimeter of the nail bed. Parasitic fungus often spreads beyond the nail, and so needs to be eliminated in the surrounding tissue to stop it reoccurring after Nail Fungus treatment has ended.

The Nail Fungus treatment is usually performed four times, typically at one week intervals. All of the nails should be treated during every treatment. Laser light can also effectively treat fungus which has infected skin tissue.

Because we are able to pinpoint the infected area using the most advanced and up to date laser technology, we are able to eliminate nail fungus and put a stop to it returning too, but some post treatment care and cleaning measures may be needed to prevent cross infection.

Once the fungus has been eliminated, this then leaves the nail able to restore and regrow, with many patients’ nails returning to the ‘normal’ state in just six months, resulting in clean, strong and healthy nails.

Bring a fresh pair of socks with you to change into after the treatment, it’s important to wear clean socks now the fungus has been removed. You will also need to apply an anti-fungal cream or spray twice daily to the treated area for 2-3 months post treatment, to help prevent the infection returning, it is also important to use an anti-fungal powder or spray in shoes twice a week for four weeks.

Wash all socks on a high heat to remove fungi, you should also wash towels and bedsheets too. You may also wish to invest in new nail scissors and nail polishes as fungi can be present in these too.

It is important to stick strictly to after care advice to avoid re-infection

An appointment to return to the clinic 6 months after your final treatment is made to assess the results.