Non Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift

Not everyone is genetically blessed with a perfect body or bum and some have even resorted to going to extreme lengths such as plastic surgery involving implants for enhancement in this area.

Now though, you can avoid going to those lengths and can eliminate any form of sagging whilst adding shape and volume to achieve terrific results without any risk of expensive surgery. At Westend Laser Clinic, we now offer the Brazilian Bum List which is the most effective way to enhance the look of your bum, allowing you to sculpt your curves and erase cellulite using the latest non-surgical breakthrough in body contouring.

Traditional buttock augmentation involves surgical redistribution of fatty tissue or implants to create an aesthetically pleasing shape to a flat behind which is an expensive procedure which carries the risks of surgery and has a much longer recovery time.


The Results

Improved buttock shape
Improved loose and sagging skin
Reduction of cellulite
Reduction of fatty deposits
Firms and tones
Clinically proven
Instant results

We use clinically proven technology to allow our patients the chance to benefit from a tighter, lifted and contoured behind. This also gives you improved firmness, tone and smoother skin with better contouring of the buttocks in one simple treatment. The procedure itself has no downtime associated with it and is a fraction of the cost of a similar surgical procedure whilst being proven to be safe and effective.

Our non-invasive Brazilian Bum Lift uses a combination of Cavitation and Radio Frequency technologies to travel painlessly through the body’s layer of subcutaneous fat, in turn lifting and firming the thighs and buttocks. Depending on the individual a prior treatment of Cryo-Lipo Fat Freezing may be required. This combination of technologies melts the fat pockets that cause the skin to be dimpled and lumpy, re-positioning some of the malleable fat to create a more appealing buttock contour. The broken down fat is then naturally expelled by the body.

The treatment itself has several positive effects which include reducing loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite from the thigh and saddlebag areas whilst simultaneously lifting and shaping the buttocks to help provide a shapely silhouette.

Please allow up to an extra 30 minutes for your initial consultation during your first appointment.

Prices For This Treatment

  • £300 for 1 Treatment
  • £500 for 2 Treatments
  • £700 for 3 Treatments

Prices For This Treatment

  • £120 for 1 Treatment
  • £220 for 2 Treatments
  • £320 for 3 Treatments

A Combination of Cryo-Lipo, Cavitation & Radio Frequency - Approx. Treatment time 50 minutes + 50 minutes 2 weeks later

Cavitation & Radio Frequency only - Approx. Treatment time 50 minutes

The price includes a finishing massage using a specially selected body sculpting cream from our MONU Skincare Range.

An appointment to return to the clinic 3 months after your final treatment is made to assess the results.

*Consultation for all appointments take up to 30 minutes, including full consultation and patch test. A £50 deposit will be required to book your treatment which will then be deducted from the price if treatment is booked within 4 weeks.*


  • Return back to work

     Immediately (minimal downtime)

  • For best results

    May require up to 12 sessions, once a week

  • Anaesthetic required


  • Test patch required


  • Procedure time

     60 minutes

  • Duration of results

    Long lasting, healthy lifestyle is an important factor

  • Risks or complications

    Slight redness of the skin, slight swelling, sunburnt feeling 


Result Depend on maintenance needed as each paitent responds differently to the treatment and the skincare products we recommend for use at home.